Dr. Kelsie Forbush

Kelsie Forbush
  • CARE & COPE Lab Director
  • Professor, Department of Psychology

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Dr. Kelsie Forbush has been conducting research and treatment in the field of eating disorders since 2000. She completed her undergraduate and graduate degrees at the University of Iowa under the mentorship of Dr. David Watson (now at the University of Notre Dame). She completed her internship/residency training at Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic in Pittsburgh, PA, under the supervision and mentorship of Dr. Jennifer Wildes. Dr. Forbush has experience treating outpatients and inpatients with eating disorders, as well as experience working with families and individuals suffering from mood, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, substance use, and personality disorders. In her spare time, Dr. Forbush enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter, reading books, attending performing arts concerts, taking ballet classes, spending time with friends, and training her two adorable Havenese dogs, Gus and Peanut


Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology , University of Iowa


Dr. Forbush's research interest and lab involve examining the reasons for diagnostic co-morbidity among eating, mood, and anxiety disorders and explicating the internal structure of eating pathology through scale development and assessment. Additionally, our lab is conducting several research studies that are designed to understand the associations (both cross-sectional and longitudinal) between eating behaviors and various other types of psychological difficulties, as well as research designed to develop better ways of assessing, diagnosing, and treating abnormal eating behaviors. Finally, Dr. Forbush and her lab have an emerging area of interest in the development of m-health interventions for eating disorders.

Selected Publications

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