About Us

Who are We?

The Center for the Advancement of Research on Eating Behaviors, or CARE Lab, is a diverse and dedicated team directed by Dr. Kelsie Forbush, with the assistance of Drs. Angeline Bottera and Irina Vanzhula. Our team is committed to advancing knowledge in the field of eating disorders. 

We strive to directly apply our findings to clinical settings to improve the lives of people with the second deadliest form of mental illness. Our team is sensitive to the concerns experienced by those suffering from disordered eating and strives to give participants a pleasant research experience.

Why Eating Disorders?

Bulimia nervosa (a disorder characterized by binge eating and compensatory behaviors, like purging) is the fourth leading cause of death and disability among young women. Even more troubling is that eating disorders have the second highest mortality rate of any mental illness, yet treatments are effective for only 40-60% of clients who seek treatment.

There is a dire and clinical need for research working towards identifying the underlying causes of eating disorders, ensuring that people with eating disorders are accurately identified by healthcare providers so that they can receive swift and effective interventions, and testing which treatments work best for certain clients. Without research to address these issues, people with eating disorders will continue to "slip through the cracks" in the healthcare system and not live the productive, high-quality lives that they deserve. 

Our Mission

The CARE Lab conducts innovative and transformative research to better identify persons with eating disorder issues for early screening, intervention, and treatment progress monitoring. Our mission is to improve the way eating disorders are assessed, diagnosed, and treated through cutting-edge methods and research.